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8 easy steps to enrolment

Here are the steps you need to take to apply and enrol:

1. After choosing your preferred Study Programme, fill out the Application form (you can download it by clicking on the download section in this page)

2. Attach a copy of (a) the requested documents for your chosen programme, and (b) any additional documents you need to provide depending on your nationality.

3. Submit all documents to the Registrar’s Office by emailing them to iscrizioni.ius@iu-sophia.org

4. The Registrar’s Office will acknowledge receipt of your documents and will forward them to the Curriculum Evaluation Committee

5. The Curriculum Evaluation Committee will contact you via the Community Life Coordinators and a tutor for an interview

6. Following the evaluation of your application and your interview, the Curriculum Evaluation Committee will advise the President and you will be notified once the final decision is made. If your application is successful, you will receive a certificate authorising you to complete your enrolment. You will need to fill it out and submit it upon your arrival at the Institute

7. Non-Schengen students will be provided with a pre-enrolment certificate in order to apply for a student visa in their own countries

8. Once you arrive at the Institute, you will need to complete your enrolment by submitting the original versions of the requested documents and by paying the first instalment of your tuition fees