Inter-University Agreements

The structure of courses and programs offered at the Sophia University Institute correspond to European standards, and the exams and academic degrees conferred are recognized according to the international agreements and guidelines established by the Convention of Lisbon and the Process of Bologna.

The agreement for international recognition of degrees is applied according to the stipulations provided by specific executive conventions and between different universities.

Universities and University Institutes with which there are already operational agreements for the recognition of degrees conferred by Sophia include the following:

In the field of Political Sciences:

  • The University of Perugia (joint exchange programme for a double degree)
  • The Caruarense Association of Higher Education (ASCES), Caruaru (Brazil)
  • The Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis (Brazil)
  • The National University of La Plata (Argentina)
  • The University of Malaga (Spain)
  • The University of Almeria (Spagna)
  • The Political Institute Léon Harmel of Paris (France)
  • The Political Studies Institute of Rennes (France)

In the field of Economic Sciences:

  • The European University of Rome

In the field of Philosophy:

  • The University of Genova
  • The University of Perugia (joint exchange programme for a double degree)

In the field of Theology:

  • The Faculty of Theology of the Lateran Pontifical University (Rome)
  • The Faculty of Theology of Central Italy (Florence)
  • The Faculty of Theology of San Miguel (Argentina)
  • The Pugliese Theological Faculty (Bari)
  • The Theological Faculty of Meridional Italy – St. Thomas Section (Naples)
  • The John Paul II Pontifical University of Krakow (Poland)
  • The Sapientia College of Theology of Religious Orders, Budapest (Hungary)
  • The Faculty of Orthodox Theology from Babe-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

In other academic fields:

  • The Faculty of Teacher Education of Zagabria (Croatia)
  • La Salle University of Mexico City (Mexico)
  • The Trnava University of Trnava (Slovakia)
  • HOPE University of Liverpool (Great Britain)
  • AESO – FIBAM of Olinda/Recife (Brazil)
  • Riga Higher Institute of Religious Sciences – RARZI (Latvia)
  • Providence University-Taichung (Taiwan)