Piero Pasolini Chair

Named in honour of eminent scientist Piero Pasolini (1917-1981), the Sophia Chair on the relationship between Scientific Epistemology and Trinitarian Ontology is held by Prof. Paul O’Hara. Prior to joining Sophia, Prof. O’Hara led the Mathematics Department at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, where he taught Statistics, Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry, and where he produced numerous publications in the field of Theoretical Physics.

The Chair is dedicated to the advanced study of the relationship between the ontological perspective of reality and scientific rationality, in close cooperation with the Chairs of Epistemology and Cosmology.

The Chair organises lectures, seminars and meetings that are open to the participation of professors from other universities. It also promotes the publication of scientific contributions. Those initiatives are meant to allow friends of Sophia who cannot directly take part in the Institute’s daily activities to join the conversation on relevant and fascinating subjects and to explore the foundations and perspectives of a culture of unity.

Webinar: Lost in Infinity: A series of lectures exploring the world around us
17 November 2022 (5:00pm-6:00pm):  Counting Infinities: a never-ending story (Marcin Zygmunt, University of Silesia, Poland)
16 March 2023 (5:00pm-6:00pm):  No Cloning: the world of quantum entanglement and the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics (Paul O’Hara, Sophia University Institute, Italy)
19 January 2023 (5:00pm-6:00pm):  The Devil’s Staircase: do we need infinity to study finite phenomena? (Ugo Gianazza, University of Pavia, Italy)
13 May 2023 (9:00am-7:00pm):  Symposium: Lost in Infinity
Info and registration: cattedrapasolini@sophiauniversity.education
ONLINE SYMPOSIUM: Laudato Me or Laudato We
15 may 2021
1:00 pm Introduction
Giuseppe Argiolas Rector IUS
Paul O’Hara IUS
1:15 pm Laudato Sì e l’Economia di Francesco (Italia)
Valquiria Riberiro IUS
Arwen Emy Sfregola Scuola di Economia Civile
2:30 From Goldcoins to Bitcoins
Paul O’Hara IUS
3:00 pm Hi Tech meets Low Tech: can Blockchain principles be applies in backward and rural communities?
Annette Balaoing Pelkmans IUS and Rotterdam School Management
4:00 pm Approaches to the Human Person: entrepreneurial perspective
John McNerney Ciocca Center For Entrepreneurships at CUA, USA
5:00 pm Blockchain: what happens behind the scenes
Ivan Vitali Associazione Blockchain Italia e Scuola di Economia Civile
6:00 pm Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies: the dirty business of mining
Etienne de Villemeur Université de Lille
7:00 pm Questions and Answer

All talks in English unless otherwise noted. Translations available

Registration: simposiolaudato@gmail.com
SYMPOSIUM: Bits and Chips, the World of Computers
ONLINE, 23 May 2020
logo Dio gioca a dadi
THIRD CYCLE OF LESSONS: “Does God Play at Dice?
Scientific, historical, philosophical and interreligious perspectives
(8 February – 25 May 2019)
Cattedra Piero Pasolini 2018
SECOND CYCLES OF LESSONS: “The Fourth Dimension: between Time and Non-Time
Scientific, philosophical, theological and artistic perspectives
(12 January – 19 May 2018)
FIRST CYCLE OF LESSONS: “From Big Bang to Big Mystery
Scientific, philosophical and artistic perspectives
(13 January – 21 May 2017)