Theology, Philosophy and Human Sciences

Main study and research areas

Biblical studies and History

  • hermeneutics of the Old and New Testament
  • history of philosophy
  • history of misticism and theology

Theor-Ethical Area

  • phenomenology and trinitarian ontology
  • paradigms of relationality
  • anthropology, christology, pneumatology, ecclesiology in Trinitarian perspective
  • ethics of the person and of society, bioethics
  • ecology

Dialogical Area

  • dialogue between the Catholic Church and Orthodox Churches
  • interreligious dialogue in theory and practice
  • dialogue between Christianity and Islam

Epistemological Area

  • ontology and scientific reationality
  • philosophy of science and technology
  • history and paradigms of logic

Area of Human Sciences

  • intercultural anthropology
  • psycology of the person
  • pedagogy of the person