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Sociology of Development

SOC 205 Sociology of Development

Ore di lezione frontale: 21


LM-CU  Indirizzo in Scienze Umane




Anno: 2°  


Professor Licia Paglione

The course provides an essential theoretical framework for defining the concept of “development” in social sciences in a multidimensional and relational key. To achieve this goal, the course will be structured in a first part to clarify key-words and to present the basic perspectives of discipline, passing through some classical and contemporary authors, and in a second part aimed at deepening some contemporary emerging issues such as the “complexity” of indexes that measure development, the relevance of the relational dimension of the same and the rethinking, with a view to co-development, of cooperation strategies against poverty.

Bibliografia di riferimento:

SCIDÀ G., Avventure e disavventure della sociologia dello sviluppo, Franco Angeli, Milano 2004.

An alternative handbook in english.