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Global Dialogic Cultures

COM 202 Global Dialogic Cultures

Ore di lezione frontale: 21


LM-CU Indirizzo Scienze Umane

Anno: e

Modulo: ad anni alterni 2020-2021

The course adopts a vision of human communication as a process of sharing knowledge of different kinds in terms of individual and collective growth. From this perspective, society is a participatory reality for the reciprocal interchange of people in a system of interrelationships at local and global level. We consider dialogue all forms of communication aimed at constructive collaboration unlike other more competitive forms. Specific topics covered during the course: – The exchange of information as a human feature. Collaborative and competitive, constructive and destructive forms of communication. – Dialogue as a process of integration: conflict resolution, consensus-building on common projects. Dialogue as a creative process and collective intelligence tool. – Different levels of dialogue: interpersonal, group, national and international. Dialogue in the media and social networks. Structural dialogue. Social media analysis as a tool for dialogue. – The ideal of relational reflexivity and dialogue as its communicative form. Dialogue as a remedy for information distortion (propaganda, fake news, pressure groups). Dialogue in the Global Environment: Processes and Institutions.

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Professor Pál Tóth