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Professor Sergio Barbaro

Comparative Law

DIR 101 Comparative Law

Ore di lezione frontale: 42


LM-SEP Insegnamenti comuni


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The course aims at providing the students with knowledge of the main legal traditions of the world. The first part of the course will be dedicated to the analysis of the purposes, functions and object of comparative law. The second part of the course will place particular focus om the main differences and convergences between civil law and common law. The third part of the course seeks to offer an in-depth overview of the non-western traditions, starting from the examination of the chthonic tradition. This part of the course will also provide an examination of the Islamic law and the principles of the Hindu system and an introduction to the Chinese and Japanese system.

Suggested readings:

Materials and case studies will be provided during the course.
ZWEIGERT K., KOTZ H., An Introduction to Comparative Law, 3th. ed., Oxford University Press, 1998.
GLENN H.P., Legal Traditions of the World: Sustainable Diversity in Law, 5th ed. Oxford, Oxford University Press.