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Business Strategy

ECO 210 Business Strategy

Ore di lezione frontale: 21


LM-SEP  Curriculum Humanistic Management




This course introduces some basic elements for understanding business strategy, the way in which it is formulated and implemented, and the support tools that are necessary to each of its phases.

Taking into account different business ideas which inspire different business strategies, we shall analyse:

1. the competitive context of a given reference market;

2. the company’s characteristics in terms of products and services, resources and competences;

3. the dimensions and components of value creation.

The course also aims to show the conceptual links between business strategy and microeconomics as well as other business-related disciplines included in this Master’s programme.

Alongside theory, case studies and simulations, particular attention will be given to real stories of entrepreneurs and managers, in order to present business strategy in action in a variety of cultural contexts.

Bibliografia di riferimento:

David Campbell, David Edgar & George Stonhouse (compulsory)
BUSINESS STRATEGY an introduction
third edition
Palgrave Macmillan

Additional advanced text (optional)

Sharon M. Oster
Modern competitive analysis
third edition
Oxford University Press