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Luigino Bruni

Philosophy and Economics

ECO 215 Philosophy and Economics

Ore di lezione frontale: 42


LM-SEP  Economics and Philosophy



Modulo:e  2°

The course is organized in three units:

1 – Economics and philosophy in historical perspectives: the tradition of economics will be presented following its main methodological passages along its history: a) the foundation of Political Economy; b) the neoclassical revolution; c) the Paretian turn; d) the new psychological economics.

2 – Hot issues in economics and philosophy: here some critical topics will be discussed: a) economic rationality; b) the nature of the market; c) economics and virtues ethics.

3 – Classical papers and texts: classical papers and texts of Economics and philosophy will be critically discussed. Texts of John S. Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, Antonio Genovesi, Vilfredo Pareto, Max Weber and Amartya Sen will be considered.

Bibliografia di riferimento:

BRUNI L., The Genesis and the Ethos of the market, Macmillan, 2012.

Palgrave Further readings will be indicated by the instructor during the course.