Honorary Doctorate degree in Culture of Unity to Juan Carlos Scannone

Ottobre 20, 2019
On 11 November 2019, during the opening of the 12th academic year, the Sophia University Institute will grant the Argentine theologian and philosopher Juan Carlos Scannone a Doctorate honoris causa in Culture of Unity...
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Which Europe in a global and plural world?

Maggio 10, 2019
May 9th is Europe Day. This date was not chosen by chance,...
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Sophia LAC – Latin America and the Caribbean: moving fast towards the opening of the continental headquarters

Giugno 14, 2018
Many of us remember the moment when, on 10th May, during his visit to the Loppiano international centre, amid the applause, Pope Francis mentioned "the cutting-edge academic experience of the Sophia University"...
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10th May 2018: Pope Francis in Loppiano

Giugno 6, 2018
The central moment of Francis’s visit to Loppiano was a moment of intense dialogue, which gave him the opportunity to answer some of the inhabitants’ questions...
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Donald Mitchell: Sophia will be protagonist in taking a new big step forward for the dialogue between Buddhists and Catholics

Maggio 26, 2018
After the visit of Francis Pope and his historical meeting with Buddhist guests in Loppiano, we interview Donald W. Mitchell, professor emeritus of Asian and Comparative Philosophy at the the Purdue University...
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“Steps toward a global citizenship. Equitable and Sustainable Well-Being explained”

Maggio 1, 2018
It is clear that a complex and interdependent society poses continuous challenges: what knowledge, what choices may favour a sustainable, equitable and inclusive world? Despite the abrupt halts ...
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Religions in dialogue on prophecy and mission today

Maggio 1, 2018
The Wings of Unity dialogue and collaboration project turns 2 years old, as the fifth international seminar takes place at Sophia...
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