“In Pursuit of the Truth”

Agosto 1, 2021
Fr. Pasquale Foresi was considered by Chiara Lubich one of the co-founders of the Focolare Movement and yet,...
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The Atlantic Route, a History of Mutual Discoveries

Giugno 10, 2021
The Atlantic Route: a history of mutual discoveries Edited by Marco Luppi online presentation of the book 11 giugno 2021...
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Theoretical Implications of a Charisma

Novembre 13, 2020
Chiara Lubich: Theoretical Implications of a Charisma On the 100th anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s birth, among the numerous projects celebrating...
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The New Book Series: Tracce

Luglio 16, 2020
We are delighted to announce the creation of a new book series: Tracce...
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The jurist’s journey along the traces of fraternity

Marzo 8, 2018
Giappichelli Publishing House has recently published a new collection of essays entitled ‘The jurist’s journey along the traces of fraternity’,...
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“The Church is the Gospel”

Gennaio 29, 2018
The theology of Pope Francis...
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“Works of Chiara Lubich”: 14 volumes collecting the writings of the Sophia foundress

Dicembre 15, 2017
President Piero Coda was among the speakers presenting the new series released in Rome...
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