Loppiano International Center

The first of the 33 ‘cittadelle’ centres of the Focolare Movement to be founded, Loppiano is a living and permanent example of a multicultural society dedicated to living the Gospel.

This is where the headquarters of Sophia are located – only a few kilometres away from Florence, in the enchanting setting of the Tuscany hills, in the district of Figline-Incisa Valdarno.

Founded in 1964, Loppiano is home to around 800 people from 60 countries, some of whom also live in the nearby villages. More than half of the total population lives here on a permanent basis, while others are here to attend one of the centre’s twelve international schools, whose programmes last from six to eighteen months. Thousands of visitors come to Loppiano every year – over time, the centre has become a meeting place for people of different cultural and religious backgrounds and an example of a multicultural society based on the life of the Gospel. The international and multicultural side of Loppiano makes it an authentic ‘experimental city’ in which, for the last forty years, people of all ages, social backgrounds, traditions, cultures and religious faiths have lived, shared and worked together.