Call for papers – International Conference “For a social ecological transformation”

Transversal dialogue starting from Laudato Si’   

The programme supported by our Institute, for the elaboration of an ethically founded transversal dialogue between Christianity and Socialism/Marxism, for some years now has been part of the international debate.

On this occasion Sophia, and in particular its Doctoral School, is going to collaborate with the DIALOP-Transversal Dialogue Project association and the network Trasform! Europe. Not to be forgotten are the academic cooperation initiatives already carried out with other universities in Europe, such as a Summer School in Syros in Greece, a Conference in Cadiz in Spain, the publication of several texts and in particular a Position Paper: ‘In search of a common future in solidarity’ (link).

The journey now sees the proposal of an International Conference to be held at Sophia University Institute on 11-13 January 2024, with the title: ‘For a social ecological transformation/Per una trasformazione sociale ecologica”. The Conference will be prepared by a Call for Papers open to scholars and researchers, graduate/undergraduate and doctoral students, invited to submit an abstract of their work by 30 September 2023 within the following areas:

  • the socio-economic roots of the ecological crisis: the relationship between poverty and the fragility
  • the critique of the technocratic paradigm and forms of power derived from technology
  • techno-scientific development and social-ecological crisis
  • integral ecology: environment, social relations, spiritual life
  • new ways of understanding economics and alternatives to the progress paradigm
  • the responsibility of national and international politics in the face of the global socio-ecological crisis
  • waste culture, new alternative ways of life
  • ecological conversion and community conversion: achieving shared solutions through the “differentiated consensus and qualified dissent” method
  • theology and philosophy at the service of a new ecological and social paradigm.

General theme is a reflection on a challenging methodology of dialogue, an expression of that culture of unity to which Sophia refers. Poles of such a commitment are the concepts of ‘differentiated consensus‘ and ‘qualified dissent‘, which make it possible to approach without naivety a dialogue that is difficult, in some respects, and at the same time necessary in the times we live in (link).

“The aim is to open up a new space for research,” says Luisa Sello of the promoting committee, “to offer a contribution, interwoven with courageous thought and existential commitment, in the face of the challenges of wars and nuclear confrontation, the impacts of globalisation and the exploitation of resources, and the climate emergency… Together.” 

  • Download the Call for paper
  • Date of the Conference: 11-13 January 2024
  • Venue: Sophia University Institute (Figline Incisa Valdarno, Firenze)
  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 September 2023
  • Submission form: https://forms.gle/7FBHUFMKTz8hVt7x5

For information write to dialopconference2024@gmail.com