Communication means a lot more than we normally think. It is the key word and major challenge of our time. When we talk about communication, we talk about relations, from those of our everyday lives to those that exist between states and determine the decisions that shape our world and our future. Communication is related to identity, power, but also mutual recognition, encounter, and even information flows, Big-data, profiles, real relationships in a virtual world or in an augmented reality.

To communicate means to be aware of the conversation that takes place within ourselves and to be able to express our beliefs and our idea of the society we want to build using the language of our time. Sophia has taken on this challenge by inaugurating a new research area in communication for social change. By creating a network of researchers, scholars, producers, activists and young people who are interested in studying communication and its capacity to generate the social fabric, Sophia takes a step forward in cultural innovation.

At present, the IUS offers four specific courses in the area of communication: Global Dialogic Cultures, which looks at the anthropologic roots of communication, analysing man’s cooperative nature, shared intentionality and dialogue as a creative process and as a tool for collective intelligence and problem solution; Media Global Power and Relationship, Communication, Media propose an in-depth study of the world of the media and their power in a globalised world, looking at the people, the protagonists, the rites and the languages of journalism and the media; Communication and Intercultural Contexts is a workshop-course examining the role of communication in pluri-ethnic and multicultural societies as well as in virtual spaces, those meeting places of modernity where cultural, spatial and time references seem to have disappeared, leaving relationships asking for new meaning and new languages, and calling for a reflection on how to ensure that the person remains at the centre of the communication process.

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