A theoretical and practical seminar led by Antonella Deponte, professor of Psychology of the person and Psychology of relations at the Sophia University Institute, and by Matthias Bolkart, psychologist, psychotherapist and professor of Existential Psychology and Communication Studies at the University of Minas Gerais (Brazil).

The seminar will consist of two courses to be held on Saturday 10th March and on Saturday 24th March 2018

The empathic competences and skills we need to solve both internal and external conflicts can easily become inaccessible or may not be sufficient in situations of stress and pressure. The seminar will present some basic concepts, tools and strategies for acquiring new skills, supporting personal integrity and optimising relational dynamics.

First level course: 10th March 2018, 10:00-13:00 / 14:30-19:30

– Origins and principles of non-violent communication

– From observation to interpretation: eliminating judgment

– Discerning feelings and needs, expressing demands

– Cultural conditioning and need for acceptance as motives of behaviour

Second level course: 24th March, 10:00-13:00 / 14:30-19:30

– Self-esteem, empathy and self-image improvement

– Promoting responsibility in others and acknowledging the limit

– The concept of ‘personal, free I’ and its link to personal motivation and skills

– Integration between body, mind and soul as a balance factor


Registration fee: €150.00 (VAT and didactic materials included)

To register, please send an email to dr.deponte@gmail.com (maximum number of participants: 30)

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