Personaggi amici

David Sassoli, an elegant and fair charity

by Michele Zanzucchi

Tutta la famiglia accademica di Sophia si stringe attorno alla famiglia Sassoli per ricordarlo nel pieno della sua opera di umanizzazione della nostra società. Lui che è morto come un giusto

During our last meeting, which took place a few steps away from Santa Croce, in Florence together with our friends from the International Students Center Giorgio La Pira, we talked about Europe and young people, aspirations and practicalities. We agreed upon meeting with the Center La Pira again with a meeting about political fraternity. He knew the Sophia Institute and had been meaning to visit it for a long time. It was a year ago approximately. The first confinement was ending.

I met Sassoli in the event of another death, John Paul II’s death on 2 April 2005. He was providing live coverage for the Italian news Tg1. He called me to participate in it. Due to various circumstances, at some point there were just the three of us: Giuseppe Corigliano of Opus Dei, David Sassoli and I. We worked in the studio from 10.30 PM to 6 AM collecting all our memories to prepare an endless show that Sassoli used to present with undisputed and indisputable professionality. I had the chance to appreciate his extraordinary calm and self-control. When we left, he told us: «We managed to talk about death with serenity and naturalness».

David Sassoli: his name comes from his family’s gratitude to a friend, David Maria Turoldo, confirming his profound catholicity. He was an example of dialoguing journalism. He was open-minded, respectful, ethically grounded in respect for rules, elegant. His journalism was always expressed with a proper use of language and politeness as if he apologized to the audience for any slightest stylistic or grammatical flaw. The same talents characterized his long political career led with political charity, as Pope Francis would say, and justice. The Sophia academic family stands by the Sassoli family to remember him with his commitment to humanize our society. He, who died a just man.