Dialogue in politics. DIALOP conference “For a social and ecological transformation”

To open the conference “For a social and ecological transformation” organised by DIALOP Transversal Dialogue Project, a platform for dialogue between the European Left and the Catholic Church, and the Sophia University Institute, Card. José Tolentino de Mendonça, Prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Culture and Catholic Education.

Sophia is an institute that brings prophecy to the field of education and research” he began, before presenting Pope Francis’ thoughts on integral ecology. The day before, on 10 January, the pontiff had received in audience a delegation from Dialop and Sophia in 40 minutes of profound dialogue. An in-depth report can be read in Città Nuova.

The conference, ten years after the start of Dialop, began with a frank dialogue between Marxist and Christian exponents. Walter Baier, one of the founders of Dialop, emphasised how the work for an integral ecology needs a deep dialogue between different cultures, establishing a circular relationship between respect for human rights and the rights of nature.

Prof. Sergio Rondinara, Professor of Philosophy of Science at Sophia, for his part, emphasised how the vocabulary of the human person’s relations with nature must be re-semanticised, and that this cannot happen without a dialogue between different worldviews.

The words of Cornelia Hildebrandt, co-president of Transform! Europe, who emphasised the need to overcome polarisation, building bridges between those who want a humanisation of society according to the pragmatic principle of ‘differentiated dialogue’, in which convergence is created while maintaining differences between positions.

The conference continues with 25 talks by scholars from all over Europe, with both Marxist and Christian references. On Sophia’s YouTube channel you can follow or review the live broadcast.