«Europe as a Common: Let us start thinking about it!»
1-8 September 2018, Syros, at the University of the Aegean, Ermoupoli, Greece

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The DIALOP (Dialogue Project) Summer School is a joint project between universities, foundations and associations, developed by faculty members with different ideological and philosophical, Marxist or Christian backgrounds.
In times of growing social challenges, the DIALOP aim is to develop common commitments to peace, non-violence, social justice, democracy, and ecological transformation. While Europe runs the risk of becoming a continent fragmented by walls and fences, an alternative vision of Europe must be developed: a common Europe of bridges, characterized by the exchange of cultural goods and values.
Students and young activists are invited to participate in this process, in order to enrich mutual understanding and fostering the possibilities that can arise from the encounter of the two different traditions, and build an international and permanent network of dialogue partners, who share analyses and define joint fields of action.
The DIALOP Summer School encourages and hosts an intercultural and interfaith experience: spaces of dialogue will be explored in practice, common ground will be expanded, misunderstandings and prejudices be addressed, and differences understood in their complexity.

Following the motto ‘see – judge – act’, key questions will be:
– How can a dialogue emerge, where differences have divided communities?
– How can an economy of free give and take (a gift economy) reinforce elements of identity and unity?
– Are there creative ways of overcoming traditional boundaries?
– How would dialogue be facilitated, what are its conditions, what strategies should be developed, and which initiatives should be taken?

The Summer School is hosted by University of the Aegean, Ermoupoli (Greece), in collaboration with the Sophia University Institute (Italy), the Congregation for Catholic Education, the Focolare Movement and Transform!Europe. Further supporters are the University of Paris 8 (France) and the KPH – Edith Stein (Austria).

‘DIALOP – transversal dialogue project’ refers to a suggestion Pope Francis made to the current Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. When Tsipras – together with Walter Baier, the Coordinator of the left think tank Transform!Europe, and Franz Kronreif from the Focolare Movement – visited the pontiff in September 2014, they agreed on the urgent necessity of bringing together people of good will with different religious and ideological backgrounds in order to address the big challenges of our times.

Students (BA, MA, PhD, Postdoc) from around the world and a variety of disciplines as well as social and political activists between 20 and 30 years old, can apply.

The registration process has three steps.
1) Submit the application by sending the following documents (written in English) up to 23 June 2018 via email to office@dialop.net
• the completed and signed application form;
• the letter of motivation explaining the reasons of your participation, the experience and the know-how you bring to the topics listed in the programme, and your expectations for the Summer School (one page/500 words);
• your Curriculum Vitae.

2) Admission: the selected participants will be notified by the DIALOP office by 30 June 2018. This confirmation will be accompanied by further information material.

3) Legally valid application will occur by transferring the amount of € 250 (to cover participation fees, accommodation, breakfast and one main meal) by 30 May to the account of the Aegean University.

Arrival on Saturday 1.9.2018 before 18:00,
departure during the day of Saturday 8.9.2018.

The Summer School will issue a certificate of participation. In order to receive ECTS, a suitable preparation based on given relevant texts is required as well as a thesis to be presented at the close of the Summer School.

DIALOP offers accommodation in two hostels in Ano Syros (upper part of the town Ermoupoli) with one – and two bed rooms available. Breakfast can be had in the hostel. Lunch will be served close to the university. The costs of supper are the responsibility of each participant.
Travel expenses shall be paid by the participants.
Requests for scholarships should be addressed to the partner institutions.




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