“From dialogue to poly-logos. The Mediterranean and beyond.”

A relational path on pluralism, identity, collaboration and consent”
18-20 February 2022

Digital guru Fadi Chehadé, ambassador  Pasquale Ferrara, director of La Nazione Agnese Pini, journalist of the Italian RAI Riccardo Cristiano, Professors Russell Pearce and Fabio Petito, Iranian Shiite Muhammad Shomali, Hindu from India Vinu Aram, professors of Sophia University Institute Daniela Ropelato, Declan O’Byrne, Pal Toth, Roberto Catalano, Isabel Gatti, Franz Kronreif, Valentina Gaudiano, Chiara Galbersanini, Michele Zanzucchi, professors of other universities Claudia Mazzeschi, Massimiliano Marianelli, Israa Safieddine, Andrea Possieri, Valentina Pantano, Daria Jacopozzi, Marco Luppi, Cornelia Hildebrands… The prestigious panels provided are international, interdisciplinary and interprofessional.

The latest international geopolitical crisis in Ukraine clearly shows an increasing polarization that is invading many fields of social, political and communicative activity. Different visions and opinions often turn into conflictual divergences and the resulting antinomies are addressed starting from the paradigm of dialogue, a concept which has nevertheless become extremely vague in its hermeneutic and operational connotations.

What is dialogue today? Is it just a mode of the communicative action? When can it be defined as a dynamic process capable of producing transforming effects for the protagonists of the interaction? Does it suffice to speak of dialogue in a plural and complex world, or would it be more appropriate to speak of polylogos? And how does a multi-dialogic approach affect the interpretation of reality, of human, social, political and technological relations?

The seminar precedes the meeting of bishops from the Mediterranean Churches and Mediterranean mayors from 23 to 27 February in Florence. It aims at providing an interdisciplinary formative path about the theory and practice of dialogue and polylogos. In-depth analysis sessions, round tables and case studies will enable discussions and share new models and scenarios of a multi-dialogic approach in social, theological, communicative and political action.

Participation is free.
For further information and registrations: info@sophiauniversity.org