Philosophy and theology at play tracing the footsteps of Klaus Hemmerle


– Sophia University Institute, 27th April 2018 – Main Hall –

– Presenters –

A. Vincenzo Zani, Congregation for Catholic Education; Emilio Baccarini, Università Tor Vergata – Rome; Piero Coda, I.U.S. President; Markus Enders, Universität Freiburg i.Br.; Wilfried Hagemann, ZSP Ottmaring; Bernhard Körner, Universität Graz; Stefano Mazzer, Salesian University – Turin; Franz Siedelmeier, Universität Augsburg.

“Philosophy and theology at play, tracing the footsteps of Klaus Hemmerle” is the title of the international Study Day organised by the Sophia University Institute (I.U.S.) and scheduled for 27th April 2018. The event will start at 9.00 am in the Main Hall. It is open to the participation of researchers, students and anyone interested.

The Study Day will revolve around the figure of Klaus Hemmerle (1929 Freiburg i. Br. – 1994 Aachen), philosopher, theologian and bishop. It has been promoted by the Trinitarian Ontology Department which, drawing inspiration from his work, wishes to offer an opportunity for dialogue and for the study of the relationship between philosophy and theology. Such relationship is central to the work of Hemmerle and it is decisive in the present day to discern the fundamental questions and issues facing the person and society from a new perspective.

Hemmerle’s is the story of an extraordinary contribution to a prophetic way of thinking, says Sophia President Piero Coda in that he offered the men and women of his time both a fecund theoretical reflection and the courage of his daily choice to take concrete care of the people around him, on the margins of the city”.

Remembering Hemmerle in an interview in 1999, Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement and of Sophia, traced a remarkable portrait of him: «He had many gifts, which radiated from him… the sublime gentleness of his soul, his freedom in spirit, his profound and enlightened intelligence, his stable temperament, his fervour without fear of overstepping the mark”.

In the afternoon, the recent book by M. Benedetta Curi, Pensare dall’unità. Franz Rosenzweig e Klaus Hemmerle (Città Nuova, 2017) will be presented. It is the fruit of the author’s doctoral research at I.U.S. and of a number of projects by young researchers.

The Day will be concluded with the première in Italy of the film “Heaven among us – Klaus Hemmerle” (2017) directed by Winfried Baetz-Braunias.

You can find the schedule and the registration options on www.sophiauniversity.org 


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