Sophia Short Course enrolment open

Studying at Sophia University Institute is a stimulating and inspiring inter- and transdisciplinary education experience that promotes the acquisition and development of valuable transversal skills to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society.

In addition to the Licentiate (Master’s Degree) in Unity Culture, this year Sophia offers a Short Course, the Intensive Transdisciplinary Course “The Cosmos and History” lasting three months (168 hours of lectures) and a recognition of 24 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) recognised and spendable in one’s university curriculum. The course guarantees the opportunity to live the Sophia experience in the international city of Loppiano also to those who do not intend to enrol in the entire Licence Course.

In addition, the course constitutes the first part of the LICENCE COURSE (Master’s Degree) in Unity Culture, which is common to all courses. At the end of the short course it is possible to continue after enrolling in the two-year course.

The course is based on a historical-chronological structure, through continuous interaction between students and professors from different disciplines, the use of integrated methodologies and an approach open to different avenues of research, the course proposes the treatment of a number of pivotal junctures in the history of the cosmos and humanity from the Big Bang to the present day.

The course promotes the acquisition and development of the following transversal skills:

  • critical and analytical skills, valuing the integration of knowledge;
  • interpersonal, communication and planning skills for social growth;
  • analysis of phenomena for the elaboration of innovations in thought and action.

Classes will begin on 2 October 2023. The deadline for registration is 11 September 2023. Cost: 500 euro.

For info and contact details write to iscrizioni.ius@sophiauniversity.org.

For more information, visit the 2023/2025 academic offer page and the course page.

Download the course presentation sheet.