24-26 May 2024: Synodality course in Castel Gandolfo. Last workshop module

How to be a synodal Church in mission? This is the guiding question in view of the second session of the synod assembly next October. A question that is at the heart of the entire synodal process underway. How?

The synodality workshop scheduled from 24 to 26 May, promoted by the Evangelii Gaudium Centre, wants to help answer this question. An integral part of the Synodality Formation Course, as the fourth module of the year 2023/24, the workshop is open to all those who want to experience synodality, in the light of the method most used during the first session of the assembly, Conversation in the Spirit. By getting to the heart of the “places of participation”, the aim is to discover and experience the most appropriate “methods” for walking a synodal path in view of the Church’s mission.

For information and registration please email ceg@sophiauniversity.org by 20 May.