Today’s world is affected by complexity and economic and social challenges that have been particularly exacerbated by the pandemic crisis in South America. In this scenario, social, economic, educational and political organizations require a new type of leadership. A participatory, inclusive, group-centred and environment-oriented leadership: a community leadership. On the basis of this insight, the Sophia University Institute in Latin America and the Caribbean provides a Diploma’s course in Community Leadership aiming to meet the needs of many people that work as leaders in different fields.

Knowledge and opportunities to improve one’s skills will be provided with an innovative methodology of collective creation of knowledge combined with various disciplines in an international and intercultural environment. Such expertise is highly required currently. This 120-hour course starts today, 27 February 2021.

This is the first academic offer in the Latin American headquarters of the Institute. It was entirely designed to be in full compliance with Covid-19 regulations. Classes will be held virtually using technology to shorten distances. In many Latin American headquarters there will also be a face-to-face final moment spent together. The first classroom is really diverse. Students come from 9 different countries of the continent, aged between 20 and 70, from different professional backgrounds: pedagogues, social communicators, lawyers, doctors and nurses, businessmen and businesswomen, priests and religious people. The Sophia University Institute is a highly international environment aiming at providing a human, cultural and professional education favouring the interaction of knowledge in an international and intercultural context integrating thinking, life and action into society. At inception, in the Latin America headquarters of the Institute, a teaching, research and academic extension activity will be promoted according to the approach of the spiritual and cultural legacy of the American Continent. Its objective will be teaching students to transform and interact with the socio-political, environmental and economic scenario of the region.

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Comunicado de prensa – Diplomado Sophia ALC – 26-02

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