The new Sophia Latin America and Caribbean website is online

For several years we have been walking in Latin America and the Caribbean, building a university academic community that seeks to offer spaces for education with the conviction that wisdom dwells in every person and in peoples, and we are called to contribute so that there may be more justice, fraternity and solidarity in these territories.

The new Sophia ALC website is born with the aim of making known the history and the educational offerings currently in force and in the process of being opened. In our educational and research offerings, it is not only the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’ that counts:

“In relation to my experience in the extension course, it has been a continuous movement and adaptation, mediated by dialogue, a fundamental element especially in this innovative and assertive method that is proposed in the course”

(Candela Fraccaro – Argentina)

We are part of a global university project, so our roots are based on the belief that ‘everything is connected’. To find out more and to join this learning community, visit our new website: https://sophiaalc.com/

Written by Virginia Osorio of Sophia ALC