Chiara Lubich: Theoretical Implications of a Charisma

On the 100th anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s birth, among the numerous projects celebrating the charisma and life of the mystic from Trent, the Sophia academic journal dedicates a monographic issue (2-2020) to the founder of the Sophia University institute.

«The Sophia journal – as Rector Prof. Giuseppe Argiolas writes in his editorial – has always been committing to an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. It has been trying to develop and implement the culture originated in Chiara Lubich’s charisma. This issue is intended as a scientific contribution to interpret the main theological ideas at the foundation of the charisma of unity».

The issue is comprised of eight essays, the solid structure of the theme, a section dedicated to “Sophia’s Chairs”, the “Forum” section and the fourth and last section including “Reviews” […].

«It is a rich and prospective monographic issue – continues Argiolas – for which I would like to thank all the Authors. I think I can say that Chiara kept her promise: “When in heaven, I will keep on working for you”. The following pages prove it».

Finally, the Rector emphasized Piero Coda’s contribution «My sincere gratitude overflowing thankfulness goes to the scientific director of the Journal that with sapientia and service-minded attitude continues to accompany the evolution of the Journal as he did – as President, for the first 12 years, of the Sophia University Institute».

Marco Martino