“Let’s build new stages of this journey!” – is the share campaign promoted by Sophia students aiming to take part in the next training Seminar to be held in Kenya, to become leaders of dialogue, legality, and peace.

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Description: “Together for a New Africa”

A project from Africa for Africa
Up to date, 7,000 young people have been directly and indirectly involved in the project
(in the picture, the working group that drafted the Strategic Plan for the next 6 years)

First event: January 2019, Nairobi, Kenya (video presentation)
120 young people from 7 countries of East Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo gathered for the first course.

Second event: 28th December- 6th January 2020, Nairobi, Kenya

The theme of the second Training Seminar: “Identity and Leadership for Africa”

What is Together for a New Africa

It is a training project for new leadership within the perspective of a Culture of Unity.

The initiative was launched together with the Movimento politico per l’unità. So far, 150 young people from 7 countries of East Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo participated in the project by attending the first Training Seminar. The project also featured an international team of professors from African Universities and from Sophia, together with experts and tutors.

The initiative consists of a three-year interdisciplinary study program at the international Mariapolis Center Piero in Nairobi, Kenya. It includes both regional academic courses and activities in the Countries of origin. Together for a New Africa was launched in East Africa and will be replicated in other macro-regions of the continent.

Why was Together for a New Africa launched

“We are a group of African Students of Sophia University Institute. We are committed to fulfilling a dream. After finishing university, we want to go back to our Countries to help create an Africa able to unify history and modernity, tradition and innovation in order to make our peoples thrive in sharing and peace guided by the values of justice and sustainable growth. This way, together with all the peoples of the planet, Africa will give its contribution too.
We believe that the future of Africa lies in the hands of young people. Hence, we want to do whatever we can to enhance the real identity of our continent, the land we want to live in. We aim to do so by being properly trained in order to become protagonists of new responsible leadership, capable of healing wounds and building bridges of authentic brotherhood”.

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