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Léonce Bekemans (Jean Monnet Chair)

European Challenges to the Process of Globalisation

POL 208 European Challenges to the Process of Globalisation

Ore di lezione frontale: 21


LM-SEP Percorso Relazioni e Politiche Internazionali





Modulo:e  4°

The course serves as an introduction to the broad study of the interaction between the process of globalisation and the European integration process. It will look at the phenomena from a multiplicity of perspectives, as studied in different disciplines and perceived in different regions throughout the world. Also, the different dimensions of globalisation will be studied. While the focus will be on the economic, social and political changes taken place in Europe, the course will also offer an opportunity to reflect and prospect on emerging themes.

The first (conceptual & historical) part gives an overall and broad theoretical overview of the relations between economy, society and polity in the existing and emerging global and European landscape. The second part focuses on globalisation set within a broad European perspective. The third part introduces a few applied case studies in the relation between globalisation and Europeanisation. Focus is on topics such as identity and citizenship-building, social dimension, democracy, etc.

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