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Center for Research in Politics and Human Rights

The “Center for Research in Politics and Human Rights” (PHR) is a center for advanced study that implements, promotes and supports research and higher education in political, legal and social sciences. Its main interest is human relations studied through the plurality of cultures and disciplines, with an opening towards the complexity of contemporary reality. It was academically established by the Sophia University Institute and promoted in collaboration with the International network of jurists and law practitioners “Communion and Law” and the Toni Weber Foundation.

The PHR arises as a result of years of studies on the principle of fraternity in its social and public dimension, carried out in several universities around the world, in close contact with initiatives conducted by numerous subjects in the civil society. Sophia embraces this wealth of studies and experience and dedicates to the principle of fraternity specific philosophical, political and juridical formative courses as well as permanent research projects.


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The interest on the theme of fraternity, intended as principle of thought and action in the public sphere, not as parental relationship or as a tie within a community, has grown greatly at the international level in the last few years as exemplified by recent numerous publications dealing with this theme.

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Populism and Accountability


The research «Interdisciplinary research on active citizenship, accountability and populism» deals with populism in the context of contemporary political societies, that already have created institutions for elective political representation, societies that have a cultural framework that recognizes the idea of democracy as a reference value, and that are capable to put into practice a political and legal order that translates the idea of democracy into a coherent and effective system, guaranteeing the consent of the greater majority.

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Cooperation and Community Building


This laboratory was concieved to convert research paths in best practices.



The PHR Repository is hosted by the Tony Weber Foundation



Lectio Magistralis Academic Year 2019-2020 Sophia University Institute

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