Bishop of Limerick

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e-mail: bishop@ldo.ie

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Curriculum vitae

Born on 28 March 1960, ordained priest 5 June 1986, Rev Brendan Leahy was Professor of Systematic Theology at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth prior to being ordained Bishop of Limerick on 14 April 2013.

A von Balthasar scholar, he is involved in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue and is the author of numerous publications.

Graduate studies in Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome (1983-1991).
Professional studies at King’s Inns, Dublin (1981-83).
Clonliffe College, Dublin (1980-1983).
Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin (1980-1981).
Undergraduate studies in University College Dublin (1977-1980).

Academic and Pastoral Activities:
Chair of Irish Bishops Conference Advisory Committee on Inter-Religious Dialogue (2018 – present); Chair of Irish Bishops Conference Advisory Committee on Ecumenism (2014 – ); Chair of the National Faith Development Team (2014 – ); Member of the Standing Committee of the Irish Bishops Conference (2014 – ); Chair of the Irish Bishops Conference Commission of Catholic Education and Formation (2014 – ); Chair of Irish Bishops Conference Council of Catechetics (2013 – ); President of Veritas, Irish Bishops Conference Publishing House (2013 – ); Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Governing Authority of Mary Immaculate College, Limerick (2013 – ); Chair of the Board of Governors and the Management Committee of St. John’s Hospital, Limerick (2013 – ); Visiting lecturer at the Sophia University Institute, Loppiano (Florence, Italy) (2008 – ); Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Theology Academy (2004 – ); Member of Inter-Church Meeting (since 1999; Co-chair since 2015).

Registrar of Mater Dei Institute (2004-2006); Member of the Three Faiths Forum of Ireland (1999-2013); Chairman of Dublin Diocesan Ecumenical Committee (1999-2013); Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Ecumenism of the Irish Bishops’ Conference (1999-2010); Confessional Lecturer at Irish School of Ecumenics (1999-2008); Parish Chaplain in Lusk, Dublin (1999-2004); Member of College of Consultors of Dublin Diocese (1998-2004); Member of the staff of Mater Dei Institute of Education (1992-2006) and Holy Cross Seminary (1992-1999).

Research Interests:
Ecumenical Dialogue with particular reference to Ecclesiology;
Ecclesiology with particular reference to the Marian Principle in the Church; Christology.


Publications include:

Chiara Lubich: Mary, Flower of Humanity (co-edited with Judith Povilus, New City, London and New York, 2017).
Graced Horizons, A Journey Through Mercy (Veritas, Dublin, 2017).
Dear Young Friends: Pope Francis in Conversation with Young People (Veritas, Dublin, 2017).
Dreaming Big; Living the Reality: Rediscovering Family Today (Booklet, Veritas, Dublin 2016).
Let’s Remember; Let’s Review; Let’s Renew. The Second Vatican Council Fifty Years On (Booklet, Veritas, Dublin 2015).
Who Leads the Church? Noticing the Holy Spirit at Work. Short Commentaries on Extracts from the Acts of the Apostles (Veritas, Dublin, 2015).
Faith and the Marvellous Progess of Science (New City, New York, 2014).
Faith Questions (co-edited with Declan Marmion, Columba Press, Dublin, 2013).
Treasures of Irish Christianity II: A People of the Word (co-edited with Salvador Ryan, Veritas, Dublin, 2013).
The Human Voyage of Self-Discovery. Essays in honour of Brendan Purcell (co-edited with David Walsh, Veritas, Dublin, 2013).
Year of Faith: Stations of the Cross (CTS booklet, London, 2013).
Treasures of Irish Christianity: People and Places, Images and Texts (co-edited with Salvador Ryan, Veritas, Dublin, 2012).
Going to God Together: Reflections along the Way (New City, New York, 2012).
His Mass and Ours: Living Eucharistically (New City, New York, 2012).
Having Life in his Name: Living, Thinking and Communicating the Christian Life of Faith (co-edited with Seamus O’Connell, Veritas, Dublin, 2011).
Ecclesial Movements and Communities: Origins, Significance and Issues (New City Press, 2011).
Believe in Love: The Life, Ministry and Teachings of John Paul II (New City Press, 2011).
Inter-Church Relations: Developments and Perspectives (Veritas Publications, 2009).
The Marian Profile: in the Ecclesiology of Hans Urs von Balthasar (New City Press, 2000).