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Sophia Global Studies (SGS) is the fruit of ten years of rich academic experience of Sophia University Institute. It is a centre for research and training on global relations and processes, aimed at training new leaders capable of facing the global complexities and motivated to promote dialogue and peace.


It is an international training and research center on global relations and processes. The center is the brainchild of Sophia University Institute and is embedded in its academic project and methodology. It is intended to foster the development of today’s youth into well-rounded leaders of tomorrow—leaders capable of facing global complexities and equipped with tools to promote dialogue and peace. Its mission is to organize, promote, and support research and training initiatives, as well as short courses and seminars. Its programs are aimed at forming a new generation of leaders, educators, politicians, and managers.


Humanity 4.0

Dialogue Forum

Humanity 4.0: towards the communities of the future consists of a dialogue forum in Trento (29th november – 1st december 2019) and it was born from the objective of deepening theoretical and practical paths of reflections on the future of the human community starting from the field of communication.

Grants for 40 participants, under 35,  are avallable to cover accomodation (not travel) costs, from 28th november (dinner) to 1st december (breakfast).

The “change of era” imposed by the digital revolution requires a new commitment that involves the conscience and the economy, communication and politics, technology and ethics, on a personal and collective level. The forum aims to encourage the sharing of ideas and practices to contribute together to the development of a future for humanity, centered on the human person and on the relationships between people and communities, founded on a pact of ethical responsibility for the digital age.

Religions in a changing world


Religions in the Global World is a network of scholars, leaders, and professionals from different academic and religious backgrounds that studies the role of religions in the international scenario through a trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural framework.

Religions are elements of strong impact in the international scenario. They continue to influence cultures, societies and the broader academic and public debate worldwide. The scientific community, together with the leaders of religious communities, is required to further investigate and understand the distinctive features and their implications – either promising or troubling – of the so-called global resurgence of religion. Understanding the role of religions in the contemporary global world has to be conceived not merely in terms of political instability, social disorder, or a de-facto analysis of a pluralistic environment, but also as an analytical fact that opens a space for better grasping the positive function that religions can actually play on different levels.

Europe in a changing world


Europe in a Changing World is a platform for organizations, scholars and experts from different social, academic and cultural backgrounds. It intends to share new perspectives and experiences in order to help the European societies understand and respond to the global challenges in a more informed and prepared way.

Since 2014, the Horizon2020 European Framework for Research and Innovation has identified in the relationship between Europe and the ever-changing world one of the pivotal societal challenges of our time. Sophia recognizes the need to rethink the idea of Europe on a more broader and inclusive level, which can provide a better framework to analyze societies as diverse socio-economic and cultural bodies and to explore the legacy of the European heritage for the world as well as the challenges for Europe coming from the new global balance.

Together for peace


The education system of a country determines what it wants its young people to learn and what kind of society it wants to build. However, in its usual form, education does not automatically guarantee morals and values such as unity, peace, forgiveness or principles like respect for the rights and well-being of others. Special efforts are needed if education is to promote these values and goals.

Sophia leadership program


The world is changing. There are more uncertainties, social divisions, and growing economic inequalities. The so-called Global Age has resulted in a world more divided, increasingly divergent and inevitably pluralist, where the rising of tensions and separations are putting at risk relationships within and among organizations, people, and societies at large. In this epoch-changing era, the 4th Industrial Revolution is providing new challenges for leaders and organizations, and potentially jeopardizing the good that is achieved by globalization.

From dialogue to poly-logos

Marzo 10, 2022
From dialogue to poly-logos di Chiara Galbersanini On 18-20 February the seminar “From dialogue to poly-logos- The Mediterranean and beyond....
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