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Facts and figures

Sophia offers students a unique life experience and high quality education designed to equip them with both knowledge and professional skills. Sophia’s study programmes are aimed at women and men whose hearts and minds are open to the whole world and who wish to use Wisdom as a compass in their lives. Courses give students the opportunity to develop a broad vision and teamwork skills, and provide them with tools for conflict resolution, problem-solving strategies and spaces for dialogue, all within an enriching, stimulating and diverse environment.


Sophia is a study and research community in which relationships between people inform the relationship between the different fields of knowledge.


Sophia’s international and multicultural vocation in figures: 450 students and faculty members since 2007, representing 4 continents, 50 countries and 30 languages.


Nearly 90% of Sophia graduates found a job or academic placement within 12 months of completing their studies.