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Governance Structure

The organisation of the Sophia University Institute comprises both individual and collective authorities. The Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor and the Rector are individual authorities. The University Senate and the Campus Council are the Institute’s collective governing bodies.

Governing Bodies


The University Senate is composed of the Rector, who convenes and presides over it, the Vice-President of the Institute’s main campus, two permanent faculty members, two adjunct professors, the Vice-President of the Board of Directors, the Director of the Library, one of the Coordinators of the Student Council, the University Extension Coordinator, two Students representatives, and a Representative of the non-teaching staff of the Institute.

The responsibilities of the University Senate include implementing decisions taken by superior authorities and, together with the Rector, ensuring and promoting unity and the pursuit of the Institute’s objectives across its campuses.

Members of the University Senate

President Giuseppe Argiolas

Vice-Rector Giovanna Porrino

Vice-President of the Administrative Board  Nicola Sasso

Library Director Sergio Rondinara

University Extension Coordinator Marco Martino

Representatives of Permanent Professors Benedetto Gui and Paul O’Hara

Representatives of Non-Permanent Professors Sergio Barbaro and Valentina Gaudiano

Student Community Council Coordinator  Angela Maria Silva

Representative on Non-Teaching Staff  Laura Signore

Student Representatives  Amelio Stellino (Doctorate) and Michele Marcantonio (Licentiate)

Academic Registrar  Maria Floridia


Collectively responsible for the life and activities of the Institute, the Academic Council has decisional authority for matters concerning the curriculum of studies, research and teaching.

Members of the Academic Council

President Giuseppe Argiolas

Permanent Faculty Antonio Maria Baggio , Bernhard Callebaut, Piero Coda, Benedetto Gui, Declan O’Byrne, Paul O’Hara, Giovanna Maria Porrino, Sergio Rondinara, Daniela Ropelato

Representatives of Adjunct Professors Cristina Montoya and Marco Luppi

Student Representatives Román Szuzsa (Doctorate) and Alexander Simoen (Licentiate)

Academic Registrar Maria Floridia


The Administrative Board has authority for matters concerning the financial decisions of the University Institute. It is convened and chaired by the President and it includes two representatives of the Work of Mary – Focolare Movement, who are appointed by the Vice Grand Chancellor. One of these representatives is elected Council Vice-President by Council Members and may be empowered with special representation powers and operational delegations. Other members include two Permanent Faculty members elected by the Academic Council and the President (or a Delegate) of the Foundation “For Sophia”.
Non-voting members of the Administrative Board include the Student Community Council Coordinator, the General Manager, if one is appointed, and the Head of Finance, who also acts as the Secretary.

Members of the Board of Administration

President Giuseppe Argiolas

Two Focolare Movement Representatives Nicola Sasso (Vice-President), Marcella Ferrari

Two Faculty Representatives Benedetto Gui and Paul Patrick O’Hara

President of the Foundation “For Sophia” William Neu

Non-voting members include:

Student Community Council Coordinator Andrea Galluzzi

General Manager Delia Pairetti

Head of Finance Maria Luisa Viganò

Academic Authorities



The Grand Chancellor of the Institute is the Metropolitan Archbishop of Florence, Cardinal Giuseppe Betori. The Grand Chancellor represents the Holy See at the Institute and the Institute at the Holy See. He promotes the University’s identity, objectives and development.


The Vice Grand Chancellor of the Institute is the President of the Focolare Movement, Maria Voce. The Vice Grand Chancellor’s main responsibility is to ensure that the Institute grows and develops in conformity with its own objectives, and to oversee the decisions of its governing bodies.


Prof. Giuseppe Argiolas is the Rector of Sophia University Institute. The Rector ensures and promotes communion among members of the academic community, and he directly governs and represents the Institute. The Rector is appointed for a four-year term and may only be consecutively re-elected once.

Operational Committees


In conformity with the guidelines provided by the Avepro Quality Assurance Agency of the Holy See, this internal Committee defines roles and procedures, as well as both short- and long-term objectives for evaluating and promoting the academic quality of student life.


The Student Community Council is headquartered in the Institute’s Central Campus. Its role is to give impulse to and ensure harmony in the student community life, according to the spirit of the Institute.