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Studies in Biblical Theology: from Babel to Jerusalem. On the paths of unity in the Pentateuch and in the Prophets

Teo 216 Studies in Biblical Theology: from Babel to Jerusalem. On the paths of unity in the Pentateuch and in the Prophets

Class hours: 21

Credits (ECTS): 3

LM-OTSpecialization in Theology

Year: 1st–2nd

Term: 4th

Course held in Italian

The course aims to offer students the fruit of biblical research on the theme of the covenant and God’s extraordinary plan to gather all peoples and all languages in Jerusalem, the holy city chosen by God as his dwelling place and his Bride (cf. Is 54; 60; 62). The following themes will be explored: unity and tenderness, two attributes of the God of Israel (Ex 34); the Tower of Babel: unity or uniformity? (Gen 11); the Noachic covenant with all flesh (Gen 6-9); the covenant with Abraham and his descendants (Gen 15; 17); the promise of the new covenant in the prophets (Jer 31-32, Hos 2; Ez 36); the covenant, unity and glory in the book of the prophet Isaiah (chapters 2 and 66); the fulfilment, for the gift of self of the Lamb immolated, in the great fresco of Jerusalem that descends from above in Rev 21-22.

Bibliographical references:

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  • Study material provided by the Professor.

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