A new paradigm of knowledge

Sophia was founded with the aim of promoting dialogue and interaction between the different fields of knowledge in a wisdom perspective. Far from denying their mutual independence, this research and study method highlights the roots and finalities that are common to the various disciplines.


The Sophia academic project is centred around the experience of a study community in which research, theory and life are not only shared between the students, but also between students and faculty, and with the Institute staff. This way of life is enlivened by a pact of reciprocity that is constantly renewed and revived through moments for dialogue and exchange, which constitute an integral part of campus life alongside lectures and seminars. At the root of the study programmes is the Christian spiritual heritage, in constant dialogue with the principles from which world civilizations have developed and flourished.


Dialogue and reciprocity are the defining features of the Sophia project. These priorities directly apply to the context of human relationships, creating an atmosphere of transparency, openness, attention to others and gift of self. They also contribute to a specific research and learning methodology, encouraging interaction between the different disciplines. Dialogue and reciprocity thus generate an epistemological perspective whose objective is to overcome fragmentation, abstraction and conflict between the different branches of knowledge, in order to recompose their unity while respecting their separate identities, and to put this convergence at the service of the human person.


● To provide an open and comprehensive view of the different disciplines, as well as the ability to compare and combine their contents, methods and results.

● To prepare young people for the challenges of today’s world through a trans-disciplinary approach, giving them the skills they need to work with specialists from a variety of fields to find innovative solutions.

● To promote dialogue between cultures in the context of everyday social relations and to give impulse to personal, intellectual and social growth in an atmosphere of reciprocity.