Registration is now open for Sophia Web Academy’s The ecological challenge course: 15 free grants for participants, supported by the Mario Diana Ets Foundation

Registration is now open for Sophia Web Academy’s course The ecological challenge. Towards a new person-nature pact, which aims to explore environmental issues in the light of a contemporary anthropological crisis. The course is aimed at professionals, teachers, students, operators in the Environment and Ecology sector and is accredited by MIUR for italian teachers.

The programme is coordinated by Luca Fiorani and Stefania Papa; speakers will include experts in the field such as Vincenzo Artale, oceanographer and climatologist at ENEA (in 2007 member of the IPCC team of scientists and Lead Author of the fourth report “Ocean Observation and sea level risee”) and Joshtrom Kureethadam, Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Salesian Pontifical University (former coordinator of the Ecology and Creation sector at the Vatican Dicastery for the promotion of integral human development).

The course will start on 10 April 2024, in English. The schedule of lectures can be viewed at the following link https://swa.sophiauniversity.org/corso-sfida-ecologica/.

Participation costs EUR 300.00 and registration is open until 5 April at the following link https://sophiauniversity.scuolasemplice.it/selling/public/HsCvPZmscJ#/.

Italian Teachers, who wish to participate with the Carta Docente voucher, can register through the following link at a subsidised cost https://sophiauniversity.scuolasemplice.it/selling/public/ugchdjbmTt#/.

The course is supported by the Fondazione Mario Diana ETS, which has been committed to promoting environmental sustainability since its inception. “This partnership represents a further step in our commitment to supporting training and raising awareness on environmental protection issues, says Antonio Diana, president of the Mario Diana Foundation. We are supporting the course by providing 15 free grants covering the full cost for those who wish to participate in The ecological challenge. Towards a new person-nature pact, with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of knowledge fundamental to addressing contemporary ecological challenges.

This collaboration is part of the Fondazione Mario Diana ETS’s ‘Follow Me’ project, in the programme dedicated to the training of teachers, expanding opportunities for those involved in education.

To take part in the scholarship admission procedure, you must send your Curriculum Vitae in summary form (max one page) to swa@sophiauniversity.org/segreteria@fondazionediana.it by noon on 31 March 2024. A special commission will decide the allocation of the scholarships, based on criteria of merit and affinity to the disciplines of the course.